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I'm just one out of billions… I'm just another girl, with a big dream, high hopes, a heart full of love and two handfuls of faith. Try to push me down, and baby I'll get straight back up xx


cute story time: my one friend is dating a boy who is blind and they go for walks everyday and as they walk she describes everything to him and he always says that “she makes everything sound so beautiful, except herself, but one day I’m determined to make her describe herself in the same beautiful way she describes the earth” I’m so

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Anonymous: I just recently agreed to sleep with my ex (also my best friend, still). I really would like to, but how do I go about this and make sure neither of us get hurt?

If you mean friends with benefits kinda thing, I can’t think of a way that will completely prevent either of you from getting hurt. I personally think of sleeping with someone as the ultimate, intimate act of love and if you do go about this then the feelings that you once thought were gone, will come flooding back. The only way is to tie off any romantic holds if you don’t want to get hurt but that’s often not easy. I’m sorry I’m not much help on this topic but I hope it all goes well xx

Also I have fucking deleted this answer about 5 times accidentally so I’ve had to rewrite it, so sorry but the original one was the best :(

Anonymous: How was your day?

Eh kinda mind numbing I guess, life just seems to be ‘meh’ nowadays.

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